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Pairing: Aether, Xiao, and Tartagalia (Childe) x GN!Reader Pronouns: They/Them (Mostly 2nd person) Genre: Fluff/Angst Warnings: Characters are a little bit OOC . Part 2 . Genshin Masterlist. When Reader is Sleepy After A Long Day Part 1. Aether Aether is such a sweet angel! He can definitely tell when you're tired and he'll do anything he.

best glitter tattoos. 2022. 7. 23. · Search: Aizawa X Hurt Reader.Adobe Acrobat Reader DC software is the free global standard for reliably viewing, printing, and commenting on PDF documents Bonus points if the reader has a ability to nullify other powers in a surrounding area or chuuya scared to use his power because he might hurt her See the winners in the only major. Steve x sick little. ... THE MIDDLE OF A START. pairings: stucky x reader, steve x reader x bucky chapter warning: n/a a/n: wow okay i wasn't expecting that many people to like the prologue! but thank you all! if you want to be tagged please let me know and i will add you to the list! happy reading! prologue, chapter one, chapter two. January. Note: This is my first AU and i’m coming up with things as the story develops so I hope it turns out well College assigments because I totally don't miss college seijoh 3rd years x fem!reader / oikawa x fem!reader warnings: dubcon/noncon, manipulation, blood, multiple smut scenes, forced orgasm, begging, praise kink, voyeurism, spit-roasting.

2017. 6. 2. · Boyfriend!China x Sick!Reader. Deviation Actions. Add to Favourites. Add a Comment. By. AphVeneziano. Watch. Published: Jun 3, 2017. 9 Favourites. 0 Comments. 1K.

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Dec 22, 2020 · Jealous Kurapika x GN!Reader • You had been spending an awful lot of time looking after Gon and Killua lately, and not spending much time with your boyfriend, Kurapika • You chose to look after them because you knew they absolutely adored you, and you knew Kurapika was usually pretty busy with body guard duties and tracking the Phantom Troupe... (bad quality) sryy, anyway u get sick an kokichi takes care of you.

If your boyfriend is grieving and pushing you away, he is normal Or smirking Happily Ever After (Peter Parker x Male Reader AU) Summary: When Peter’s mom falls sick he has to retrieve a special herb that only grows at prince y/n’s palace natural diabetes diet Explanation of natural diabetes treatments, including herbs, Ayurvedic treatment ....

Discover more posts about chuuya-nakahara-x-reader. Laura. ♡~Boyfriend headcanons~♡. ☆~Hakkai x y/n~☆. Hakkai is a flustered mess when he asks you to go on a date with him- (you find it cute 👀) He will stutter a few times while talking to you. He will 100% ask Taka-chan for the advice.

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