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How to make e46 m3 faster

When I decided to start looking for my first Bimmer, the E46 seemed like the obvious choice. The chassis offers countless variants and engine options, but for me it had to be a.

Turner Motorsport has a strong and storied history of improving BMW M3s. The third-generation E46 M3 debuted in October 2000 and was a radical departure from the two previous generations for those in the U.S. market. For the U.S. I bought this 2000 323i automatic for only $2k. I pulled the M52 engine out and sold it for 1.5k complete. Went to local salvage yard and found 2000 328ci manual, and pulled all of. Because E85 is higher octane, 105 octane, you can advance the timing at least 4% with no knock retard and without creating a lean condition, which equals more HP, especially if you have forced induction of any kind (turbo or supercharger). Because it more efficiently burns, E85 actually cleans your injectors.

depends on how much you want to spend. as a 325 it will be hard to get a lot of power, your biggest friend is weight reduction. So do lighter rims and a lighter muffler, res delete. If you want a few horses get an intake and exhaust combo. I highly recommend afe intake and MMW CS muffler with a re delete.

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After some pondering about why motorcycles are so fast I decided to perform an experiment of my own. Today we saw just how much weight you would need to remo.

Nov 07, 2014 · I got to go on a tour of the BMW factory in Munich a few years ago, they would put the wiring harness' in an oven prior to install so they would flex and install easier..

a list of upgrades you could do that will give you some better performance are CAI, throttle body, chip, full exhaust with heat wrap, and high quality ignition system. that would be.

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