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Only vehicles pre-1975 get an automatic emissions-test pass. Newer than 1975, each make/model has its own emissions specs it needs to pass. On OBD II & newer cars, there is the OBD II test, an evap test, and I think there is still an idle tailpipe test for most cars; but there is no treadmill tailpipe testing for most cars.

I have a 95 civic coupe with a 1.6L d16z6. I am failing Texas emissions test with a high HC level and high Nox level. Passing HC level at high speed is 147 and low speed is 152. First test high speed result 284, low speed 295. Second test high speed 279, low speed 306. Passing Nox level at high speed is 1072 and low speed is 1186. After the brake test is over we will then pull your car into one of the service bays. When pulling in we will check your headlights and make sure the high and low beams are working. We will check the tail lights, brake lights, license plate lights, and mirrors. Next we will check the parking brake.. There are two general steps for dealers under “Two Steps, One Sticker,” which are not a significant departure from established practices. The first step is inspection. Dealers are required to ensure vehicles have a valid inspection. Once a vehicle has been inspected, the results are entered into the state’s inspection database.

Use your scan tool to confirm all monitors have completed and that the vehicle is ready for emissions testing BEFORE it goes to a test station. If all monitors are ready, and no faults have been found, the vehicle should pass an OBD II plug-in emissions test. READING EMISSIONS: EXHAUST GAS ANALYSIS.

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Remove the muffler, use the band clamp to install a straight pipe. When inspection time comes, reinstall the muffler using the band clamp. It is easier if you have a new pipe and muffler. Or you could use a flange welded to the pipe and muffler. Bolt the muffler in for inspection, when you are done, unbolt it and install the straight pipe. Steps for Checking the Readiness Monitors. Find a Scan Tool. You can check the status of the monitors with a scan tool. Connect the Scan Tool to the DLC Port. Connect the scan tool to the data link connector (DLC) port, which is a port usually found on the driver side underneath the lower dash panel. Select Accessory Mode.

Sep 11, 2022 · 6 Steps to Passing a Smog Test With an Old Car. Plan ahead. Know well in advance when you need to have a smog test. Plan to disconnect the battery long enough in advance to allow you to then drive your vehicle for at least 150 miles. Disconnect your battery the night before you start the 150-mile run..

To pass an OBD-II emissions test, a vehicle must:If you clear the ' Check Engine ' light, or reset the OBD-II monitors right before your emissions test, your vehicle typically will not pass because the catalyst and EVAP monitors need time to run. If it's not in a "ready" state, your vehicle will automatically fail.

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