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Talk about your family paragraph

And youngest to refer to the child that was born last. The youngest in your family can be also be called your baby brother or your baby sister. Or little brother or little sister. Jack: Older and younger are comparative adjectives. When we're making comparisons, we usually use the word than. For example, I'm younger than Sarah.

When you are asked to describe your family, you can start by describing each person of your family one at a time. Remember, the shorter, the sweeter! Describe the key members in your life, your immediate family. Let's take a look at one example to give you a brief gist of which direction you should expand in. Example:. IELTS Vietop - Luyện thi IELTS Cấp Tốc.

When you are asked a question like this- “Tell me something about yourself”, what most people do is that they include information about their family. Please, avoid that. Yourself and your family are two different matters. Don’t attach them. That’s a wrong strategy. Here, you can pursue the following idea:.

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health concern facing millions of families, and precisely the reason this conversation guide is needed. We hope the information provided here will help you navigate the important and challenging task of talking with your child about overweight and obesity in ways that are factual, practical and caring. Here’s to your family’s health,. The person who wears the pants in a family is the person who hold the authority. "My mother definitely wears the pants in the family. My dad only thinks he does.". "My mother was very young when I was born, so it was my grandmother who wore the pants in my house.". The woman wears the pants in this relationship.

Here is how to create your Family Disaster Plan: Meet with your family and discuss why you need to prepare for disaster. Explain the dangers of fire, severe weather, and earthquakes to children. Plan to share responsibilities and work together as a team. Keep it simple enough so people can remember the important details.

This is a task-based lesson to help you teach about your neighborhood. Schema Activation (5 Mins) Pop the Balloon. The teacher gives students a balloon with a strip of paper inside, the strip of paper has a place from a neighborhood.; The teacher plays a song and students pass around the balloon, when the music stops, the student with the balloon in his/her hands.

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